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Check-in Time: 4:00 PM Check-out Time: 11:00 AM

Unless otherwise agreed, check-in time is after 4:00 pm and checkout is before 11:00 am.

Early Arrivals and Late Departures

Early check-ins or late checkouts can be requested for an additional charge. All early check-ins or late check-outs are subject to no other reservations in the property at the time of arrival/departure. As such, these will be tentatively booked and confirmed only within the last 72 hours before arrival. It is the guest’s responsibility to contact TRA Property & Hospitality Management within 72 hours of arrival to confirm availability. In the event a guest fails to depart from the property by 11:00 am with no late checkout arranged and results in TRA Property & Hospitality Management being unable to clean and prepare the rental property for the next arriving guest that day, the departing guest agrees to pay damages and costs incurred by TRA Property & Hospitality Management including but not limited to moving the incoming guest to another rental property.

We welcome you to our brand new resort Tuscany Residence Aruba. Tuscany Residence Aruba is a luxury resort under development and during your stay, our team will do their utmost to minimize any inconvenience so you can enjoy your stay and experience the happy island life!

As compensation, we offer you a special Start-Up Discount of 25%.

We wish you a pleasant stay and our team is at your service,

Cancellation Policy
Reservations are considered booked when the guest’s payment via credit card, through bank wire transfer or via other forms of payment method, is received.

A reservation may be canceled by TRA Property & Hospitality Management or Guest as follows:
(a) TRA Property & Hospitality Management may cancel a reservation ONLY in the event that Guest has chosen to pay according to a Payment Schedule and despite a previous reminder email Guest thereby fails to comply with payment within 48 hours after its due date. Guest will then be emailed by TRA Property & Hospitality Management a 24-hour notice of cancellation, but nonetheless be given the opportunity to reverse the cancellation by still complying with the due payment within such 24 hours.
(b) Guests may cancel a reservation at any moment in time. To cancel this reservation, Guest must send us a written notice of cancellation which should be received by TRA Property & Hospitality Management preferable more than 45 respectively 15 days prior to your check-in (=arrival) date.

REFUNDS: The Reservation Confirmation email from TRA Property & Hospitality Management indicates the final Total Amount payable for the reservation. In case of a cancellation as per above, TRA Property & Hospitality Management will refund the sums you have paid, less a cancellation fee equal to (a) 20% of the Total Amount for cancellations received more than 45 days prior to check-in date or (b) 50% of the Total Amount for cancellations received between 45 and 15 days prior to check-in date. If your notice of cancellation is received less than 15 days prior to your check-in date, Guest will forfeit all sums paid unless TRA Property & Hospitality Management is able to re-rent the Accommodation to someone else, at the same rate for the same period. In the event the accommodation is re-rented for the same or less than the Total Amount, TRA Property & Hospitality Management will refund the sums you have paid less an amount equal to 50% of the Total Amount and less any amount necessary to make full payment to the Owner of the Accommodation. Considering the above cancellation and refund policy. All cancellations must be received in writing and are subject to the following penalty percentages of the total rental fee:

The guest is reserving a specific property for specific dates. The dates and the property cannot be changed, doing so would effectively be canceling the original reservation, and so the cancellation policy would apply.

If the length of stay is allowed to be reduced from the original dates at TRA Property & Hospitality Management discretion, the cancellation policy will apply to the nights that have been canceled. The minimum night stay requirement at the time of booking must be met at all times. Rental nights cannot be canceled if they reduce the total number of nights stay below this minimum.

Cancellations of the arrangement due to non-payment of the balance by the due date will result in a loss of all monies. All cancellations must be confirmed in writing.

In the event of the chosen rental property becoming unavailable for any reason, TRA Property & Hospitality Management reserves the right to substitute another property of equal or higher standard within the TRA Property & Hospitality Management portfolio. In the absence of another available property being available, TRA Property & Hospitality Management reserves the right to cancel the reservation and refund all monies paid.

Payments may be made by American Express, Maestro, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

TRA’s standard schedule of payments is as follows: (a) 20% of the total amount is due upon reservation; (b) 30% of the total amount becomes due 45 days prior to arrival date or is due upon reservation if arrival is within 45 days; (c) 50% of the total amount becomes due 15 days before arrival date or is due upon reservation if arrival is within 15 days.

The final payment will be billed to the credit card on file unless other payment arrangements have been made. Payment of the rental deposit sum to TRA Property & Hospitality Management will signify the full acceptance of these terms and conditions of rental. View Terms & Conditions

The Unit will be inspected, sanitized, and cleaned before Guest’s arrival and after Guest’s departure. Guest is required to leave the Unit in the same general condition that Guest received it. A guest has the option to request additional cleaning services through the offices of TRA at Guest’s expense. There is a one-time service charge & cleaning fee. The cost of the service charge & cleaning fee varies per property.

Does Tuscany Residence Aruba allow pets? Unless specifically authorized, absolutely no pets are allowed.

What is the minimum age required to check-in? The guest making the reservation must be 25 years of age or older, the holder of a major credit card and must occupy the rental property the entire term of the reservation.

Number of guests

The Unit’s occupancy may not exceed the number of guests as advertised for. Maximum occupancy excludes children under three years of age. Only Guest and accompanies as approved by TRA are permitted to stay in the Unit. The reservation is accepted and confirmed only for the number of accompanies as approved by TRA. TRA reserves the right to cancel the reservation if additional accompanies are added without prior consent.

The Unit is not to be used to host parties, events, or social/group gatherings. The Guest having an event, party, or social/group gathering in the Unit or exceeding the number of authorized accompanies will be evicted without refund. Additionally, if it is discovered that the arriving guest or its accompanies will be hosting a party, event, or social/group gathering in one of TRA’s units, TRA reserves the right to cancel the reservation prior to the Guest’s stay, with recompense at TRA’s judgment.

The use of illegal substances is prohibited. Guest and its accompanies are not allowed to use the Unit for any immoral or unlawful purpose. Any Guest and/or its accompanies who violates any law or ordinance will cause for the occupancy to be terminated immediately without a refund.

Quiet time is 10:00 pm

Quiet time is strictly 10:00 pm: Guest and its accompanies who do not comply and disrupt the peace and quiet will be required to vacate the Unit without refund.

The Guest and its accompanies must abide by all community parking rules and laws. Guest and its accompanies must follow posted street signs, particularly rules regarding parking as some communities do not allow street parking overnight or require parking on a specific side of the street.

Guest and accompanies will park their vehicles at their own risk. TRA is not responsible for the theft of vehicles or theft from vehicles or damages to the vehicles.

The Unit may not be used for amateur or professional video recordings without prior written consent from TRA.