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The art of island living…

Set close to the world’s finest beaches, Tuscany Residence Aruba is founded in one of the best and most popular neighborhoods of Aruba, close to the clear blue ocean, the world famous white sandy beaches, shopping and nightlife of Palm Beach.

Set against this backdrop is an exceptional piece of Caribbean real estate, featuring an established luxury resort community with an enviable range of world-class amenities and services that truly perfect the art of island living.

Tuscany Residence Aruba enjoys an abundance of luxury amenities and services. Naturally attracting like-minded individuals who prize peace, tranquility and natural beauty, there is a tangible sense of community that exists among residents, guests and staff. Residential ownership in this one-of-a-kind Aruba property is a unique investment that pays dividends in the form of an enviably luxurious yet truly relaxed lifestyle, welcoming smiles and a lifetime of cherished memories.

Reasons to buy...

Reasons to consider Aruba property ownership, at Tuscany Residence Aruba:

  • Excellent price-quality ratio
  • Beautiful designs & quality construction
  • Residential Park with all amenities
  • Property land on top-location
  • Varies properties in different price range
  • Onsite Maintenance Team, Property Management & Rental Program

Tuscany Residence Aruba brings luxury living to a new level. Within the walls of the residence, around 180 exclusive properties will be built in all kind of sizes and prices, suitable for everyone’s wishes. The buildings varies greatly in layout and offers amazing views. You can choose from 2- or 3-layer villas with private pool and rooftop terrace, condominiums and penthouses with sea views. Everything is aimed at providing homeowners of Tuscany Residence Aruba with a relaxing stay. Your comfort and welfare are the main goals for this development.

The combination of the beautiful Dutch modern international architecture and the Aruban palm trees creates a pleasant luxurious Aruban feeling and relaxed atmosphere in the park.

Investing in Tuscany Residence Aruba is a good choice. During the periods that you do not make use of your house, you can rent it out. Investing in real estate is always wise for the future. A recent study has shown that Aruba is one of the safest countries to spend your holiday. The island has hardly any crime or political unrest. The occupancy rate of hotel rooms is above 80% on average and Aruba has the highest number of returning visitors. Aruba is outside the hurricane belt.

Capital Appreciation

Above average capital gains are realized by investors who are astute enough or lucky enough, to purchase a property before the location reaches its full potential of popularity. Tuscany Residence Aruba enjoys the huge advantage of being located in one of the best areas of Aruba close to the best beaches, 18-hole golf course, beautiful nature and shopping and nightlife. Considering the scarcity of available property land and lack of quality residential developments in Aruba, it is not unrealistic to anticipate substantial capital gains in the future.

With current pricing at one of the best location in Aruba, on property land, this presents a unique opportunity for capital appreciation.

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