Tuscany Residence Aruba

Aruba's Luxury Boutique Resort

Welcome to our brand new resort Tuscany Residence Aruba located near the clear blue sea and world famous white beaches of Aruba. Tuscany Residence Aruba is a luxury boutique resort under development and situated in some of the best areas of Aruba. Our goal is to become one of the most luxurious residential areas of Aruba in the coming years, equipped with all the facilities that allow holidaymakers and owners to enjoy the island life.

Bas de Groot
Managing Director

Bas de Groot Managing Director
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Welcome to Aruba's Newest Boutique Resort

Within walking distance of the finest white beaches and clear blue ocean, Tuscany Residence Aruba is founded in one of the best and most popular neighborhoods of Aruba, close to the shopping and nightlife of Palm Beach.

Tuscany Residence Aruba brings luxury living to a new level. Within the walls of the residence, around 180 exclusive properties will be built in all kinds of sizes and prices, suitable for everyone’s wishes. The buildings vary greatly in layout and offer luxury comfort. You can choose from 2- or 3-layer villas with private pool and rooftop terrace, unique water villas, spacious townhouses, or very well utilized condominiums. Tuscany Residence Aruba enjoys an abundance of luxury amenities and services. Everything is aimed at providing homeowners and holidaymakers of Tuscany Residence Aruba with a relaxing stay.

The combination of the beautiful Dutch modern international architecture and the Aruban palm trees creates a pleasant luxurious Aruban feeling and relaxed atmosphere in the resort.

Tuscany Residence Aruba is the perfect choice for couples and families.

Discover Aruba's Magic

Aruba is a beautiful place, full of lively and relaxing activities all over the area. Whether you're looking to get out on the water for an exciting activity like kite surfing, or want a quiet getaway, we've got you covered. Discover all that Tuscany Aruba has to offer.

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25% Discount During Construction

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